Student residence - room

From June to September, benefit from comfortable accommodation near your French classes.


 In the city centre, near the school.


Accommodation in a private university residence.
Single room,  private shower and toilet. Shared kitchen with other students. You will have a private compartment in the  fridge and the freezer. Communal dining room and TV room.
Kitchenware not provided.

Type de chambre

Single room with private shower and toilet.


Not included

Before arrival

Upon confirmation of registration, iLP will send you specific information on your accommodation.

First contact

We will request that you send iLP your date, time and place of arrival two weeks before the start of classes in order to organise your welcome.


Not included. You will arrive at your accommodation by bus, taxi or tram. iLP will provide the necessary information.
iLP may organise your transfer:from the train or bus station of Montpellier : €40; from the airport of Montpellier : €50.


Arrival on Sunday evening, departure on Saturday morning.